spacer and are home of experimental sadness design projects. After 2004, Mustafa Arel, has left his professional artist career and chosen a different path to himself. He lives in Izmir / Turkey and he is 33 now.

He has completed hundreds of commercial/non-commercial website designs, photo manuplations and logo designs. His photo manuplations are published in some domestic magazines and several global web sites.

You can see his selected works by clicking the thumbnails. For more, you can visit

  ZeroWDE CoverKronosI want to changeHomesickThe EndNightfall  
  Girl of CloudsE DotSeasonsLoveGraf2 ArtworkHatredXwork  
Experimental Sadness V.2 Experimental Sadness V.4 Experimental Sadness V.5 The Veiled
  Don't WarWho are you?NamelessDesigner's Brain Under ConstructionGLFMPSD file : Dark Art Tutorial  
  Can you feel the silence...